European Real Estate Loan Sales Market

Over €233bn of non-core real estate exposure still held by European asset management agencies C&W Corporate Finance estimates that European asset management agencies (AMA) hold over €233bn of gross non-core real estate exposure. Together, NAMA, UKAR and SAREB hold approximately 91% of this total, the majority of this being related to residential assets. AMA have … Continued

Money into Property

Money Into Property 2015 PDF Download Non-bank lenders are increasing their activity, especially across Europe, at the expense of banks. The workout of legacy debt across Europe continues, with the volume of debt outside the UK only 2% below its peak. The US is now recovering, with the UK not too far behind. read more

European Lending Trends

DTZ Insight European Lending Trends July 2015 Lending terms remain in check. Higher LTVs and lower margins observed in leading cities such as London, Paris and Frankfurt. More conservative terms in other markets such as Madrid and Milan. Few signs of activity returning towards previous activity in 2006/07. read more


Nigel Almond