US Debt Market Update

Simon Mallinson, Executive Managing Director EMEA & APAC of RCA, presented at our recent publication event in Frankfurt an update of the US debt market. A highly relevant topic in times when German lenders having an eye on international expansion. Besides a snapshot of the US Investment market, Simon presented an update on LTVS by … Continued

INREV: “The Rise of European Debt Funds”

Edgar Orlovskis of INREV presented at our recent event in Frankfurt an update on European debt funds. In his concluding remarks he stated five key points: 1) Managers are growing their AUM; 2) Debt funds are growing in importance; 3) AuM allocation to debt funds have risen; 4) Post crisis sees an increase in debt … Continued

Some 150 participants in Frankfurt and Berlin / press release

International comparisons lead to even more insight: At our Event “German Debt Project 2018 in an international research context” we could welcome a good mix of high-profile speakers from our sponsors (see logos of sponsors on the start page) as well as Prof. Dr. Rick Peiser from Harvard and Dr. Nicole Lux from Cass Business … Continued

June 28 in Berlin: Presentation of the German Debt Project 2018 at the “vdp-Immobilienforum”

It has almost become a tradition. We present the IREBS German Debt Project at this exciting vdp event. The association is a strong supporter of this transparency project.

June 27 in Frankfurt: German Debt Project in an international research context

The International Real Estate Business School (IRE|BS) of the University of Regensburg, in association with renowned sponsors, will be devoting a full day of research presentations. The aim will be to explore the financing of commercial real estate in Germany compared with selected international markets. There will be adresses to national and international project sponsors and we … Continued

Comparison of the UK and German market, European Debt Fund Analysis and a Case Study

IREBS presented jointly with Dr. Nicole Lux from the British DeMontfort University a market comparison of the German versus the UK lending market. This also included a half-year update for both markets. Furthermore, an analysis of European debt funds made the presentation and the following Q&A even more international. The third pillar of the event … Continued

Comparing UK and German CMBS loan performance

Markus Hesse and Dr. Nicole Lux presented a comparison of the German and UK debt markets at the release of the DeMontfort half-year 2017 report. Euan Gatfield from Fitch Ratings presented during this event an interesting complementary view for this country comparison on the basis of CMBS data. Furthermore, Euan elaborated on the concept of sustainable … Continued

JLL: Sentiment in real estate financing still subdued

In the second quarter of 2017, the German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) increased from minus 12.0 to minus 5.5 points; this is the first time the financing barometer has improved for over a year. Nonetheless, it has remained in negative territory for two consecutive quarters. Thus, sentiment in the market for commercial real estate … Continued

Summary of the survey as an interactive web-presentation including videos

We are happy to provide you with a new format. Via the link below you can approach the interactive web presentation. It also includes five Videos which summarize the key results of the core parts of the presentation.  

IREBS German Debt Project 2017 launched at vdp-Forum in Berlin

Markus Hesse and Prof. Dr. Tobias Just presented on June, 28 the German Debt Project 2017 at the vdp-Forum in Berlin.

Press release: IREBS German Debt Project 2017

Increased equity at rising prices leads to a drop in borrowed capital quotas: The growth in new business in commercial real estate finance in 2016 was half as high as it had been in the previous year, albeit at 10%, and looks set to be halved to 5% in 2017. There is ever greater variety … Continued

IREBS offering Real Estate Finance MBA

Are you interested in executive education and comibining real estate, finance and management skills? We launched a new product, a Real Estate Finance MBA: It combines the successful products of our Certified Real Estate Analyst and the Executive MBA Real Estate. For more information see link below.

JLL: Increase in new business higher than expected

The volume of €41.6 billion is an incr ease of 15% compared to 2015. Two institutes exceeded the €5 billion new business threshold in 2016: Helaba with €5.1 billion and DG Hyp with €7.1 billion, and therefore heads up the list. Even loan portfolios were on the increase: after reaching a total volume of €196.2 … Continued

JLL: Subdued sentiment in the commercial real estate financing market

The German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) has fallen by 16.4 points to -12.0 points in the first quarter of 2017. After the fourth fall in succession, the index was back into negative figures for the first time since the fourth quarter of 2012. Sentiment in the Commercial real estate financing market has become noticeably … Continued

JLL: Real estate investment markets weaker at the mid-point of 2016

In order to analyse new business deals by banks, it is necessary to take a look at the Investment markets. In the first two quarters of 2016, there was a significantly reduced transaction volume compared to the same period last year. The volume of new business concluded in the commercial real estate financing segment in … Continued

Excerpt from Immobilien Zeitung on GDP 2016

(only in German) Das Geschäft der deutschen Gewerbeimmobilienfinanzierer brummt. Ein Ende des Wachstums ist nicht in Sicht. 2015 wuchsen die Finanzierer überwiegend mit Projekten in der Provinz und mit Spezialimmobilien, während Wohnen eine Pause einlegte. Das ergab die Marktanalyse German Debt Project, die die Irebs vorgelegt hat. Die Studie fußt auf einer Umfrage unter 23 … Continued

Excerpt from the GDP 2016 reporting of Immobilien Manager

(only in German) Irebs und Vdp haben zum vierten Mal detaillierte Informationen zum Markt der gewerblichen Immobilienfinanzierungen in Deutschland in einer Studie gebündelt. Die Wachstumsrate für das Neugeschäft in der gewerblichen Immobilienfinanzierung lag im abgelaufenen Jahr mit knapp 20 Prozent mehr als doppelt so hoch wie 2014 und substanziell über den ursprünglichen Erwartungen der teilnehmenden … Continued

Excerpt from the article of Handelsblatt

(only in German) Geldflut erreicht selbst Regensburg: Der deutsche Immobilienmarkt wird weiter mit Geld überschwemmt. Weil Renditen in den Metropolen kaum noch zu erzielen sind, weichen Investoren auf mittelgroße Städte und komplexere Projekte aus. Wo das Risiko steigt. Mehr Wettbewerb, mehr Geschäft, mehr Risiko, weniger Marge. Mit diesen vier Wortgruppen fasst die Regensburger Immobilienakademie Irebs die zentralen … Continued

Excerpt from from the front page article of Börsenzeitung

tl Frankfurt – Das Neugeschäft in der gewerblichen Immobilienfinanzierung hat hierzulande im ersten Halbjahr um ein Fünftel zugelegt und damit um den gleichen Prozentsatz wie im Vorjahr. Dies ergab die Studie “German Debt Project”, die die International Real Estate Business School (Irebs) der Universität Regensburg mit Unterstützung des Verbandes deutscher Pfandbriefbanken (VDP) in diesem Jahr … Continued

Press release for the 2016 GDP report

Press release Irebs “German Debt Project Study”: More competition, more business, more risk, slimmer margins New business growth up +20 %, significantly higher than expected by survey respondents last year High growth continued during the first half of 2016 Specialised real estate, project financing and financing beyond the top A cities experienced the strongest growth Pressure … Continued

Strong participation at the publication events for the GDP 2016 report in Frankfurt and Berlin

Some 70 people joined our publication event of the GDP 2016 report and a similar number of participants were present at the GDP-Forum the following day, Sept. 8, in Berlin. Therefore, interest in market data for the German real estate lending market remains high.

IRE|BS presents on Sept. 7 and 8 the latest GDP 2016 report in Frankfurt and Berlin

We will present our newly published German Debt Project Report 2016 on the 7th of September in Frankfurt and on the 8the September at the vdp-Forum in Berlin. The press release will be available after the Berlin event.

(only in German) BF.direkt Marktradar Sept. 2016: Zinserhöhungen in den USA – Druck auf EZB wächst

In den USA wird darüber diskutiert, ob die nächste Zinserhöhung bereits im September oder erst im Dezember dieses Jahres stattfindet. Dass eine Zinserhöhung kommt, wird nur noch von einer Minderheit bezweifelt. Davon sind wir in Europa weit entfernt. Die europäische Version des „Quantitative Easings“ ist gerade erst angelaufen. Die Europäische Zentralbank (EZB) investiert seit mehreren … Continued

INREV German Vehicles Index 2016

INREV launches three new indices for German real estate vehicles which measures  performance of Spezialfonds, Publikumsfonds and other German vehicle types. The first release of the All German Vehicles Annual Index includes coverage of 177 vehicles representing aggregate NAV of almost €100 Billion. The All German Vehicles indices, annual and quarterly, can be broken down into … Continued

DIFI Q2/2016 falls again after reaching a brief high

The German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) has fallen by  6.7 points to 8.3 points in the second quarter of 2016. After a brief high, the index has once again returned to its Autumn 2015 level, falling by around 20 points in the past year. This fall is due both to less optimistic assessments of the … Continued