Recent Publications

Comparison of the UK and German market, European Debt Fund Analysis and a Case Study

IREBS presented jointly with Dr. Nicole Lux from the British DeMontfort University a market comparison of the German versus the UK lending market. This also included a half-year update for both markets. Furthermore, an analysis of European debt funds made the presentation and the following Q&A even more international. The third pillar of the event … Continued

JLL: Subdued sentiment in the commercial real estate financing market

The German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) has fallen by 16.4 points to -12.0 points in the first quarter of 2017. After the fourth fall in succession, the index was back into negative figures for the first time since the fourth quarter of 2012. Sentiment in the Commercial real estate financing market has become noticeably … Continued

JLL: Real estate investment markets weaker at the mid-point of 2016

In order to analyse new business deals by banks, it is necessary to take a look at the Investment markets. In the first two quarters of 2016, there was a significantly reduced transaction volume compared to the same period last year. The volume of new business concluded in the commercial real estate financing segment in … Continued

INREV German Vehicles Index 2016

INREV launches three new indices for German real estate vehicles which measures  performance of Spezialfonds, Publikumsfonds and other German vehicle types. The first release of the All German Vehicles Annual Index includes coverage of 177 vehicles representing aggregate NAV of almost €100 Billion. The All German Vehicles indices, annual and quarterly, can be broken down into … Continued

DIFI Q2/2016 falls again after reaching a brief high

The German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) has fallen by  6.7 points to 8.3 points in the second quarter of 2016. After a brief high, the index has once again returned to its Autumn 2015 level, falling by around 20 points in the past year. This fall is due both to less optimistic assessments of the … Continued