CRE Lenders Coverage

Markus Hesse and Prof. Dr. Tobias Just of IRE|BS will in due course publish research on the basis of the relevant German lenders‘ half- and full-year reporting. This will be complementary research to the GERMAN DEBT REPORT. The research will be published on a regular basis in separate reports.

The data from the half- and full-year reporting will cover mostly the overall loan book of lenders – and not only the German part of it. The data generated for the German Debt Report is not accessible via public reports. Still, the upcoming data base which will contain all accessible public data from the reports will still lead to additional context for the existing detailed data on the German CRE loan boos of lenders. This will give additional food for thought.

Release date: Q4 / 2015


Project Leadership

Prof. Dr. Tobias Just (FRICS)

of IRE|BS Immobilienakademie