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US Debt Market Update

Simon Mallinson, Executive Managing Director EMEA & APAC of RCA, presented at our recent publication event in Frankfurt an update of the US debt market. A highly relevant topic in times when German lenders having an eye on international expansion. Besides a snapshot of the US Investment market, Simon presented an update on LTVS by … Continued

INREV: “The Rise of European Debt Funds”

Edgar Orlovskis of INREV presented at our recent event in Frankfurt an update on European debt funds. In his concluding remarks he stated five key points: 1) Managers are growing their AUM; 2) Debt funds are growing in importance; 3) AuM allocation to debt funds have risen; 4) Post crisis sees an increase in debt … Continued

Some 150 participants in Frankfurt and Berlin / press release

International comparisons lead to even more insight: At our Event “German Debt Project 2018 in an international research context” we could welcome a good mix of high-profile speakers from our sponsors (see logos of sponsors on the start page) as well as Prof. Dr. Rick Peiser from Harvard and Dr. Nicole Lux from Cass Business … Continued

June 28 in Berlin: Presentation of the German Debt Project 2018 at the “vdp-Immobilienforum”

It has almost become a tradition. We present the IREBS German Debt Project at this exciting vdp event. The association is a strong supporter of this transparency project.

June 27 in Frankfurt: German Debt Project in an international research context

The International Real Estate Business School (IRE|BS) of the University of Regensburg, in association with renowned sponsors, will be devoting a full day of research presentations. The aim will be to explore the financing of commercial real estate in Germany compared with selected international markets. There will be adresses to national and international project sponsors and we … Continued


There is a need for a better understanding of the commercial real estate lending market because real estate finance can have a decisive impact on the property market and on the economic development as a whole.

The aim of this study is to put all market participants in a position to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and risks connected with the German commercial real estate lending market.

The idea of GDP (available only in german)


The author Prof. Dr. Just (FRICS) of IRE|BS Immobilienakademie now publishes the ninth consecutive year with the report GERMAN DEBT PROJECT 2021 detailed data on the market for German commercial real estate financing. He analysed the market structures and financing conditions for the years 2010 to 2021. In addition, the outlook shows the expectations for the full year 2021.
Information and acquisition
The author Prof. Dr. Just will in future publish analyses here based on the annual reports of the banks focused on commercial real estate financing. Thus a complementary data basis is developed to the GERMAN DEBT PROJECT. The analysis results are published in a separate format.
In future, the author will also publish short summaries of a regular analysis of the cash flow and leverage performance of German and European real estate companies here.

Project Leadership

Prof. Dr. Tobias Just (FRICS)

of IRE|BS Immobilienakademie